Teeth whitening training

Teeth whitening training

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✔️Fast track your career


✔️ Start earning $$$$ quickly with your new trade $$$


✔️ Flexible study allows you work with your schedule - online and in salon


✔️ MULTIPLE payment plan options



The Elegant Life teeth whitening course delivers the highest standard of technical information for safe application and powerful results.

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✔️ Insurance options

✔️ Business Building



-Contra indications

-Pros and Cons to whitening teeth


👍🏻Shade Comparison and explanation  on how white teeth will go - printable

👍🏻Client consultation -printable

👍🏻After care sheets - printable



Supplier of product information - 10% off online 😍


Course includes

Manual & certificate


🌟🌟Optional extras - purchase through The Elegant Life pick up within 1 week from the salon (usually 2-3 days)