DIY deluxe pedicure bundle

DIY deluxe pedicure bundle

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Deluxe Pedicure pack
16 piece foot care items.
- Stainless steel nail clippers
- Stainless steel Angled nippers
- Stainless steel Scissors
- Stainless steel cuticle pusher
- Stainless steel file
- Stainless steel tweezers
- Stainless steel under nail cleaner
- Callus shaver + replacement
- cuticle remover
- Callus smoother
- 2x foot filers
- Nail file
- Slim skin blade
- Nail brush
- Extra disposable files
- Towel

Acetone - to remove polish, even shellac

Callus remover - to penetrate and breakdown making it easier to buff down

Pedi soak - to prepare and deodorise your feet

Pedi scrub - exfoliates and removed dead skin

Moisturiser - leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated.