Save my brows - full tint kit + tutorial

Save my brows - full tint kit + tutorial

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*NEW save my brows kit*
Let me help you maintain your brows at home..

I’m going to teach you the basics of
- tint mixing, timing and application
- shaping
- tweezing
- trimming

Let’s be honest - you’ll be a pro after this so I’ll probably never have to do your brows ever again 🤣

Kit includes:
1x full sized tint (colour of your choice) light brown or dark brown - which will easily get you over 100 applications
1x full sized activator
1x brow scissors
1x brow tweezers
20x applicators
1x mixing bowl

+ vip access to a tutorial on how to keep your brows maintained at home
+ vip access to our DIY brows at home Facebook group
+ feedback and support for troubleshooting